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On July 7 1987 Faster Pussycat released their debut  album. To celebrate they performed at the Cathouse. Even though the club had been opened for 9 months this was only the 2nd night the Cathouse had live bands. To celebrate this night of rock n roll history we still have a few of the FASTER PUSSYCAT/ CATHOUSE t-shirt featuring Riki Rachtman and Taime Downe

$22.50 in advance

$27.00 day of show

On Sept.11 in Charlotte North Carolina  CATHOUSE founder and former host of HEADBANGERS BALL Riki Rachtman will take the stage for his very first LIVE speaking engagement. "ONE FOOT IN THE GUTTER" An intimate evening of stories, tales and true life fables from Riki himself. From growing up in HOLLYWOOD to all the raunch roll sleaze and debauchjery that happened at the Cathouse. Never before has he shared his experiences of Headbangers Ball in an uncensored spoken word event. What landed Riki in jail? Why was he a car salesmen only a few years after being one of the most popular VJ's on MTV. Rags to riches to rags. Sex Drugs Rock n roll plus maybe just maybe a positive message or two. Riki is uncensored, unapologetic and not at a loss for words. What was its really like hanging with some of the biggest rock stars on the globe? Oh and what about the haters?.....This is a one night event you will want to be a part of

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I am well aware that this website is out of date. Hey I Riki Rachtman built it and I have no idea how to do that kind of stuff. I do have a vision to clean this up, not only make it a great looking place to buy CATHOUSE Swag but a portal to old Cathouse stories and possible future Cathouse events.

35th Anniversary of FASTER PUSSYCAT's debut release & live show at the CATHOUSE

To say the Cathouse was the most notorious, decadent,raunchy,historic rock n roll club ever would be an understatement. Oh ya they had bands play there too